Hi, I'm Dave Kennard. I provide stock images for businesses and organisations to help them get their message across. And I also offer advice and information to other photographers through my blog.

I enjoy all forms of photography, but specialise in close-up photography of plants and insects, 360° panoramic imaging, and invisible light (ultraviolet and near-infrared) photography. The majority of my images are available for licensing - for web use, for use in educational books, or practically any other purpose. For more information on licensing please see Image Licensing.

Much of my photography revolves around capturing what is often unseen - whether it be the details of a moth's face, hidden patterns in a flower revealed in ultraviolet, or just stepping away from the tourist spots when travelling.

One of my current projects is photographing flowers in visible light, ultraviolet light, and near-infrared light. Flowers can look strikingly different when viewed in each type of light. Under ultraviolet, 'nectar guide' patterns reveal themselves on some flowers. These are believed to help guide bees and other pollinating insects (which can see ultraviolet light) to the flower's nectar and pollen. You can see my work on this at a dedicated blog I have set up, Vis UV IR Flower photos. I have also produced a guide showing how these images are captured and processed: Vis UV IR Flower Photography Guide.

I love being out in nature, particularly in the Springtime as plants start flowering, birds are singing, insects start to emerge, and the temperature is just right. Mountain walking is one of my favourite pursuits when travelling, and so long as the weather isn't too hot or too windy, then I'll usually bring my tripod along to take a panorama or two. You can see some of these panoramas on my website 360VRs.com.

Photo of David Kennard in visible light (top), ultraviolet light (middle) and near-infrared (bottom)

Accuracy of image descriptions and identification

While I do my best to accurately identify Flora and Fauna, and try to describe images as accurately as possible, please note that I cannot guarantee the validity of any identifications or descriptions.

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