Well, I finally finished my website to display my photos on. Well, okay, it's not actually finished yet, still quite a few more features to add and bugs to clean up, but I figured it's about okay to reveal to Google (and the world).

I spent a long time working on this website, so I'm hoping now that most of the work on it is finished, I'll have some more time to focus on improving my photography. Though having said that, I have a backlog of too many to count photos to process and far too many photos to categorise, add descriptions to, and upload to the website. Well, one can but hope...

Purpose of this blog

In this blog I'll be posting sets of new images (and sometimes old images) as I upload them to the website, along with my thoughts on those images, and how they could be improved. I'll also be posting photography tips and tutorials on a regular basis.

Your input is welcome

I'm always interested to hear others' opinions of my images and articles, and unlike some, welcome an honest critique to help me improve my photography and article writing. You're welcome to critique any image posted on the site or blog if you want, though most images I already have a good idea of how I could have improved them when taking the shot, so advice on post processing is most useful to me. Please also note that the images posted to the site and blog aren't all what I consider 'good', that's why the image section of the site is called the 'Photo Library' rather than 'Gallery'.

Likewise, if there's something about my photography or post processing you'd like to know, don't hesitate to contact me. You can use the website's contact form, or leave a message below (or on any of the other blog posts).


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