On Saturday the weather was reasonably good so I went for a walk over Farndon Fields towards East Farndon.

I got to Farndon Fields too late to see the clouds lit up pink by the sun when it is still below the horizon, but there weren't many clouds around anyway so it was no great loss. I did get there in time to see the sunrise though:

Sunrise over a puddle filled track across Farndon Fields

Looking in the opposite direction:

Puddle filled track across Farndon Fields

And a bit further up the field, looking towards the sunrise again:

Sunrise over Farndon Fields

The trees along the edge of the field were looking very nice in their autumn colours:

Bright yellow tree at Farndon Fields in autumn

Currently Farndon Fields is being developed into a housing estate by David Wilson Homes. I believe that this has been planned for a few years, but they've only just started work on it recently. At the moment most of the fields are still fields, I wonder what the footpath will be like when the development is complete?

360° panorama of Farndon Fields in Market Harborough

View as 360° interactive panorama

I carried on to the next field, which comes out on Lubenham Road. This field had some nice backlit oaks and a hedge, all with yellow autumn foliage. However, I decided against taking any photos as I thought it would look better front-lit with a blue sky background than backlit with a white sky background. So I made a mental note to come back around sunset.

I walked down The Lealand (which connects to Lubenham Road), and onto Main Street, the main road through East Farndon. I then followed Main Street through East Farndon until I found a footpath pointing in the general direction I was planning to go.

The footpath went down quite a long thin alley between buildings and a hedge running along the edge of the fields, but did eventually come out in the fields:

Fields near East Farndon in Autumn

There were quite a few cattle around, but luckily they kept themselves to themselves and didn't bother chasing me, which made a nice change.

Cattle and they valley to the east of East Farndon

The fields to the east of East Farndon have been used as pasture land since they moved from the open field system to enclosure in 1781 (see East Farndon Village - Enclosure and the Fields of Today for more info). This means that the medieval ridge and furrow farming pattern has not been destroyed by more modern ploughing techniques, and is still easily visible:

Ridge and furrow to the east of East Farndon

Telegraph poles stick out from the landscape:

Telegraph poles, ridge and furrow, and the valley to the east of East Farndon

Some more ridge and furrow in another field, but part of the same valley:

Ridge and furrow medieval farming pattern near East Farndon

I took quite a few other photos, but this post would be too long to show them all. All the photos, along with many others, are in the photo library sections of this website for Market Harborough and East Farndon.

I'll finish off with a shot of a field with some cattle browsing in the morning light:

Autumn morning in East Farndon

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