This post is part of a series on the walk we went on on the second day of our Holiday in Seoul, Korea. If you haven't read the first part, that's here: Korea day 2 - Walk up Namsan part 1.

We went through the park, and decided we might as well make our way back to the hotel. We passed this road, which looked like it was relatively new, and had been built through an area where buildings previously existed. The new bit of building in the centre of the image looks pretty shoddy.

Old and new buildings in Seoul, South Korea

A bit further on we came across this shop, which I thought had a strange name – Shop Secret Walk. It seems that it's an oddities shop.

Shop Secret Walk, Seoul, South Korea

And not much further down Sowol-gil, I spied this Buddha statue sitting on top of a building:

Buddha statue on top of a building in Seoul, South Korea

We crossed the bridge that takes Sowol-gil over Toegye-ro, which was quite busy, especially compared to the nearly traffic free streets of the morning.

Toegyero 퇴계로, Seoul, South Korea

We did eventually make it back to the hotel, where we had a rest for a while I copied and backed up my photos. Then we went out again and finally got something to eat about 9pm. I didn't take my camera with me when we out to eat though.

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