This post is part of a series on the walk we went on on the second day of our Holiday in Seoul, Korea. If you haven't read the first part, that's here: Korea day 2 - Walk up Namsan part 1.

After taking the pano I took some normal photos through the windows, just handheld. They all required large contrast adjustments when processing them on the PC to bring back the contrast lost by shooting through the glass and the haze.

This is Banpo Bridge, crossing the Han River (we never actually went to see the Han River at all during our week in Korea).

Banpo Bridge and the Han River from N Seoul Tower

And another one of Banpo Bridge, but this time with it's famous fountains switched on on one side of the bridge:

Banpo Bridge and the Han River from N Seoul Tower

This photo is looking down Hangang-ro (Han River Road):

Hangangro 한강로 from N Seoul Tower

Strangely, they had some Japanese Capsule Toy machines in the Digital Observatory Deck, including magnets of sad looking Tofu heads.

Tofu head Capsule Toy Machine in the N Seoul Tower

Another section of the Han river:

Towerblocks and bridges over the river Han from the N Seoul Tower

More buildings and Mount Achasan (which is hiding many more buildings behind it):

Buildings and Mount Achasan from the N Seoul Tower

Looking down at some cars parked near the top of the mountain:

Trees and cars below from the N Seoul Tower

Various buildings and Bukaksan and Bukhansan mountains:

Buildings, Bukaksan, and Bukhansan from the N Seoul Tower

This is a selectively coloured version of a photo looking down at the plaza below in front of the N Seoul Tower:

N Seoul Tower plaza from the tower

Here you can see Mount Ingwansan, and out beyond Seoul:

Seoul and Ingwansan from the N Seoul Tower

The shadow of the N Seoul Tower on the plaza and trees below:

N Seoul Tower Shadow

More buildings and Mount Ansan:

Buildings and Ansan from the N Seoul Tower

Similar photo to above, but slightly to the left:

View west from N Seoul Tower

We spent probably about 25 minutes in the tower observatory altogether, then went back down (which meant waiting in a queue for an elevator again). While waiting in the queue, we saw this wall covered with little tiles with love message on them:

Lovers' Wall in the N Seoul Tower

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