This post is part of a series on the walk we went on on the second day of our Holiday in Seoul, Korea. If you haven't read the first part, that's here: Korea day 2 - Walk up Namsan part 1.

We started back down the mountain, but this time via a road instead of the steps. After a bit we came across an exercise park. We had seen one of these earlier, but lower down the mountain, and not accessible from where we were at the time. It seems quite strange

  1. Having an exercise park
  2. Locating it up a mountain
I've never seen anything like that in the UK anyway.

Exercise Park on Namsan (남산), Seoul, South Korea

The children seemed to enjoy it as much as a normal playground anyway:

Children playing on exercise equipment on Namsan (남산), Seoul, South Korea

The exercise park also had some solar powered toilets:

Toilets in an exercise park on Namsan (남산), Seoul, South Korea

I was going to take a photo of a piece of exercise equipment in the park, but then a Korean guy came and started using it, so I stopped. But he was actually just posing for me so I could get a photo of it in use. Doh!

We carried on walking down the road, then found a path that went off through the woods. We thought we'd go down this path, since it was nicer than walking down the road.

Path through woods on Namsan (남산), Seoul, South Korea

But after walking down the path for a while, we found that it seemed to be going back up the mountain. Rather than carry on following the path to see where it went, we decided to go back and carry on down the road, as we were getting quite hungry and wanted to get some lunch.

Path through woods on Namsan (남산), Seoul, South Korea

When we got to the bottom of the road, we found this little park that had a replica Greek bust, crowned with some dead plants, amongst the flowers.

Greek bust in flowers at the bottom of Namsan (남산), Seoul, South Korea

There was also this well-balanced stone, which is a memorial to the famous Korean poet Kim Sowol (김소월):

Kim Sowol (김소월) memorial, Seoul, South Korea

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