The UK has received quite a bit of snow recently. We didn't get much snow here in Market Harborough, but I did go out in the afternoon on a couple of days to take some photos before the snow melted.

These first few were taken on 27th November, after the first lot of snow. I went out to Farndon Fields, which is currently having a sewer system installed for the future housing development there.

Farndon Fields development work in the snow

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You can see in this next pano we didn't get much snow, some parts of the UK got over a foot.

Farndon Fields in Market Harborough on a snowy November day at twilight

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I took another pano on part of a pile of mud and rubbish, it was quite tricky to keep out of the shots as I moved the camera round to take the different photos for the panorama.

Pile of mud and rubbish at twilight on a snowy day in Farndon Fields, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, UK

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The little snow we had started melting, but then we received some more snow, so I went out again on 1st December and took a couple more panoramas in the local countryside.

Sunset over a snowy field between Lubenham and Market Harborough in December 2010

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This next one I think I would have preferred on the other side of the hedge so that the tree wasn't blocking the fading sunlight, but I didn't have enough time.

A snowy field at twilight between the Leicestershire town of Market Harborough and village of Lubenham

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The next day I went back to the same area, and took a pano from the road on the other side of the hedge:

Sunset over the snow covered road and fields between Lubenham and East Farndon, around the border between Leicestershire and Northamptonshire, England

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I then walked up the road, which was very slippy where the cars had packed down the snow. My foot did slip a few times, but thankfully I didn't slip enough to fall over. Further on down the road I took another panorama at the entrance to a field. This one took a long time to process as each time I thought it was finished I'd then see another stitching / blending error in the tree branches.

Snowy field just off Lubenham Road, near East Farndon, in Northamptonshire, England

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By 5th December all the snow in the areas that receive sunlight (like the fields) had melted. Personally the cold and snow doesn't bother me much, and I would actually quite like it if we get some more snow. If we do get some more snow, then I'll go out and take some more panoramas.

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